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A project established on reliability

We imagine your company as a living and unique organism.
In each productive sector, resources, systems and machinery take part in realizing an efficient overall design.
Knowing how to protect your company is an act of awareness and entrepreneurial strength, more than a legal obligation.

Welcome, we are Studio Scano.

Studio Scano is providing the widest range of of consulting services, advising and training in the field of industrial plant safety.

The services of our firm, not only allow Clients to comply with jurisdictional requirements, but represent a strategic opportunity to deeply analyze critical issues and shady areas of their plant/production model, achieving a crucial reduction of costs and a concrete competitive advantage.

Our commitment leads to an entrepreneurial model for which the safety of personnel and facilities does not represent an extra cost, but an added value.


experience and research

Franco Scano

Industrial expert and freelance professional, member of the Collegio dei Periti Industriali of the Province of Udine since 1987. Since 1974, he deals with health and safety in the workplace, first in public institutions, identifying and quantifying risks for Udine territory's companies, then as inspector on safety at work and by holding the role of RSPP at the ASS4 "Medio Friuli".
The value of decades of experience, which has led Franco Scano to aknowledge many diverse companies in the regional and national business context, is a decisive factor in the launch and in the activities of Studio Scano.
Since 2001 he has been working as an HSE consultant for many public and private companies, coordinating the Studio's activities in this field.

Lorenzo Scano

PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Professional Engineer, member of the Register of Engineers of the Province of Udine since 2007, member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers since 2008 and ASME Certifying Engineer (FEANI EUR ING). Author of several national and international scientific publications, he coordinates the engineering area of expertise of Studio Scano, and in particular the tasks related to pressure equipment. From mechanical design to Fitness-For-Service, Lorenzo Scano has passed on to the firm a solid engineering base concerning structural issues of pressure plants and providing highly specialized advice in any area related to them: from mechanical design according to the ASME codes or to the european Directive 2014/68/EU (PED), to in-service inspections, according to the most recognized standards.


Fabrizio Monai

HSE & Training Specialist, ATEX Engineer

Francesco Piccini

Pressure Equipment & Structural Engineer, NDT VT-UT-PT-MT Level II

Massimiliano Rossato

Plant & 3D Modeling Designer, NDT VT-UT-PT-MT Level II

Davide Carabeni

HSE & Training Specialist, NDT VT-UT-PT-MT Level II

Luca Ragazzo

Sales Manager

Chiara Vit

HSE & Training Specialist, PVP Manager

Riccardo Vit

HSE & Training Specialist

Nicole Tugnolo

PVP Manager

Salvatore Palomba

PVP & Mechanical Engineer