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The limitless horizon of education

Education is an endless path, and improvement is limitless. Widen your knowledge to elevate your point of view, beyond uncertainty to free the vision on your future.


Training is the most efficient tool, to be certain of a constant progress in any working areas. Knowledge allows you to manage risk factors in a perimeter of conscious safety and to act in an organised and calm scenario. This wealth must be shared among all resources at any operating level of your company’s organisation, so that weak links are no more, and no longer represent a threat to self and other’s health and safety.

The importance of training is considered nowadays by a specific legislation, precisely defining courses, jobs and positions involved. A thorough design lets you work in full respect of the law, and rationalise time and cost of training activities.

Education and training to meet every need

The Italian legislation on health and safety in the workplace identifies education as the ‘process through which hand over to the workers (regardless of their job and employment contract) and to the other individuals involved in the prevention and protection company system knowledge and procedures, that are useful in acquiring competence to safely conduct their respective work tasks, and to identify, reduce and manage risk.’

Training in the workplace to be seen as a process and has the essential importance of being a way to widespread safety culture at all company levels, as well as a cross-sectional safeguard, and clearly a legal obligation. It is a process since it’s what comes from an educational design, an evaluation of the peculiar risks, roles and job characteristics.

In Studio Scano, safety specialists involved first-hand in safety (e.g. holding responsibility tasks), oversee education and training courses, and are able to fulfill educational needs of diverse work realities.

Education courses are usually provided in Italian, English courses on PED and NDT can be arranged on request. Contact us for further information.