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Safety means...

A universal language, measure of an entrepreneurial culture and a forward-looking vision.
Safety is a self-enhancing value, a scientific model aiming at perfection.

Welcome, we are Studio Scano.

We imagine your company as a living and unique organism. In each productive sector, resources, systems and machinery take part in realizing an efficient overall design.

Knowing how to protect your company is an act of awareness and entrepreneurial strength, more than a legal obligation. Studio Scano is providing the widest range of of consultancy services, advising and training on HSE and industrial plants. A widespread knowledge of many diverse domains of work, able to meet every industry need, from the most simple to the most complex.

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Key to success:

absolute safety

Codes and standards are allies

Knowing the legislation is a chance to enhance your business

Continuous productive process

Intervening respecting production timing as planned

Competitive advantage

Your investment becomes a real revenue benefit

Planned investments

Knowledge on developing an accurate intervention plan

Immediate solutions

We know how to answer your requests accurately and rapidly

Specific training

Synergy and vertical skills in our team of professionals

since 2013
Verified plants
since 2013
of experience
Lecturing hours
since 2013


Ideas spreading throughout reality:

mechanical design

Studio Scano’s personnel is well prepared and highly specialized in planning complex systems, paying a special attention to pressure equipment.

We are always investing in tech-resources and advanced tools, letting us adapt every project to the real customer’s needs, and getting back efficient and long-lasting results.